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    Vanguard 320 Series Router-Vanguard Managed Solutions- Vanguard Routers

    The Vanguard 320 has been extensively deployed in both the financial and retail markets, providing connectivity for banking and retail store locations, and supporting legacy protocols that are still prevalent today for Point-of-Sale applications, AS 400 traffic, Bisync to LLC applications, SDLC, etc. The Vanguard 320 integrates legacy applications and protocols while offering a migration path to a pure IP network in the future. This migration requires no hardware upgrade, thus providing cost savings to enterprise customers.
    Customers can integrate analog voice applications along with any IP and non-IP data traffic and obtain a converged solution that reduces overall costs. The Vanguard 320 is a fully functionalVoice over Frame Relay (VoFR) and Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway.

    The Vanguard 320 supports Quality of Service for different types of applications and protocols and thus is a suitable choice for service providers to use as a mechanism to offer enterprise customers a managed service offering for voice, video and data.

    VANGUARD 320- Home Office- Application

    The Vanguard 320 is a compact and modular IP access router designed for small branch office enterprise customers. The product offers a variety of interfaces that can be used to integrate voice, video and data applications.

    Award Winning High Performance Multi-Service Access Routers

    Small Branch/Home Office

    Vanguard 320 - The Vanguard® 320 is a compact, flexible Network Access Router designed to enable Ethernet LANs and a diverse combination of Terminals, PCs, Workstations and Controllers to access public or private network services such as ISDN, Frame Relay and X.25.
    Vanguard 340 Series - The Vanguard® 340 series of high performance RISC based multi-service routers is designed for small branch offices and small office/home offices.
    Medium Branch/Regional Office

    Vanguard 6400 Series - The Vanguard® 6400 series is an award-winning member of the Vanguard product portfolio targeted at medium-size enterprise branch offices.
    Large Branch/Central Office

    Vanguard 7300 Series - The Vanguard 7300 series of high performance, high density, modular and redundant multi-service access and concentrator devices, extends the award winning Vanguard family of low to mid-range multi-service routers.


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