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    The Vanguard 6400 router series is an award-winning member of the Vanguard product portfolio targeted at medium-size enterprise branch offices. With its ability to support multi-service access, flexible LAN and WAN connectivity, a variety of security options and high performance processors, the Vanguard 6400 series offers enterprise customers a complete networking solution while allowing for future growth of their network without any large investments or major upgrades.

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    VANGUARD 6400 Series Router

    The Vanguard 6400 router series comprises two models: the VG 6435 and the VG 6455 IP routers. The Vanguard 6435 comes standard with an Ethernet interface and provides three modular slots that can support a multitude of voice and data applications. The Vanguard 6455 also comes standard with an Ethernet interface but supports five modular slots that can also be used for a variety of voice and data applications.
    The Vanguard 6400 router series support numerous interfaces that address the various networking needs of the branch office environment. Network managers can use these routers to support applications such as:

    Internet/Intranet access with security options
    Multi-service voice and data integration
    Virtual Private Network (VPN) access
    Analog and digital voice connectivity
    Voice over IP (VoIP) and Voice over Frame Relay (VoFR) gateway services
    Inter-VLAN routing
    High-density serial interface for legacy and Point of Sale applications
    Routing and bandwidth management

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