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Vanguard 7300 Series Router-Vanguard Managed Solutions- Vanguard Routers

High performance, high density, multiservice access and concentrator devices.
The Vanguard 7300 series is a family of modular, multi-service access routers for medium and large size enterprises. The Vanguard 7300 series is available in two models: the five-slot VG 7310 and the eight-slot VG 7330. Both chassis are equipped with redundant power supplies as a standard option, and both products support high performance, high-speed multi-protocol data routing, Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, and multi-service integration for voice, video and data applications. The high performance, modular architecture of the Vanguard 7300 series protects customers’ investment in network technology and integrates the functions of several devices into a single manageable solution

VANGUARD 7300 Series Router

The Vanguard 7300 series offers enterprise customers a central site solution capable of supporting high-density, greater performance and more expansion capabilities. With its ability to support up to 840 voice channels, the Vanguard 7300 series can be used as a voice gateway for traditional PSTN applications or for packetized voice aggregation for IP, Frame Relay and ATM services. The Vanguard 7300 series is an H.323 version 2 compliant Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway with support for a variety of codec options. This capability allows customers to compress traditional PSTN voice communications down to rates as low as 4kbps without any loss in quality, thus maximizing bandwidth and providing cost savings.

The Vanguard 7300 series is a feature-rich IP router excelling in the areas of IP Quality of Service (QoS), IP routing and the migration of customers’ legacy applications to IP networks. Additionally, the Vanguard 7300 series supports a wide array of interfaces including WAN connectivity ranging from T1/E1 up to OC-3c/STM-1.

The Vanguard 7300 series provides enterprise customers with a path for successfully deploying IP networks and adopting new services critical to the success of their business.

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