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Signamax- Signamax KJMT-8600- Four Pair Termination Tool for MT Series Keystone Jacks- Termination Tools- Signamax Premise Connectivity- Signamax Cross Connect Systems- 110 Wiring Blocks- 66 Wiring Blocks- 110 Patch Cords

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Four-Pair Termination Tool for MT-Series Keystone Jacks

Signamax 4-pair termination tool is designed to work with the following Signamax MT-series keystone jacks:

KJ458MT-C6C-xx (xx: WH, BK, BU, GN, GY, OR, RD, YE)
KJ458MT-C5E-xx (xx: WH, BK, BU, GN, GY, OR, RD, YE)
KJ126MT-C3U-xx (xx: WH, BK, BU, GN, GY, OR, RD, YE)

Simultaneous termination of all eight twisted-pair cable conductors along with trimming of conductor excess allows to save installa-tion time, provides reliable termination means in confined areas, while ensuring precise and consistent termination of all pairs due to the calibrated die drive mechanism.

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KJMT-8600 4-Pair Termination Tool For All MT Series Keystone Jacks

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