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Signamax work area outlets can be configured for virtually any combination of services required at the users' workstation - including voice, data, LAN, video, audio, modem and printer connections.

Work Area Outlet Systems

Multimedia Keystone Jacks


Signamax provides media conversion solutions that support data, voice, video and image transport over a wide variety of transmission media. These products convert a wide variety of data - from serial RS-232 through Standard, Fast, Gigabit Ethernet and SONET/SDH protocols. Conversions from twisted-pair copper cable, coaxial cable, multimode fiber and singlemode fiber, to other types of cable are all possible with the wide array of solutions from Signamax Connectivity Systems.






Network Connectivity

Media Converters Media Converters
Ethernet Switches Ethernet Switches
Industrial Ethernet Industrial Ethernet
SFP Interface Modules SFP Interface Modules
Optical Fiber NICs Optical Fiber NICs

Premise Connectivity

Work Area   Outlet Systems Work Area Outlet Systems
Patching Systems Patching Systems
Cross-Connect Systems Cross-Connect Systems
Patch   CordsPatch Cords
Optical Fiber Systems Optical Fiber Systems
Cable Management Cable Management


BIF-Bend Insensitive Fiber

New Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers

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