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    Homeland Defense- National Security-Fiber Optic Security Systems- Defense Department Security Systems-Fiber Optic Intrusion Prevention Systems-Opterna Fiber Sentinel System-Fiber Sentinel

    American Tele Data Tele Data, a registered CCR contracting supply company has teamed up with Opterna, Century, AFL, Commscope, Draka USA, Telco and several other leading fiber optic equipment manufacturers to offer our national defense fiber optic security systems including any defense department or government entity a fiber optic intrusion prevention system called the Fiber Sentinel that will help prevent hackers or malicious intruders to break into our national defense using fiber optic technologies. We also carry a complete array of fiber optic enclosures to house all your fiber optic equipment. Just click on any of the OSP fiber optic enclosures below.


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    We can supply you with a full line of standard and special NEMA rated enclosures and components well suited for Homeland Security Product support. Our own complete fiber-optics product offering can be leveraged in certain cases to minimize lead-time and provide value added solutions in a short time period



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